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Selecting a builder is entrusting someone to create the place where  you will make memories, share joys and challenges, host guests, be yourself and feel secure.  Keith and Teresa honor this trust.





Walther Custom Homes


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Keith and Teresa welcome the opportunity to provide you with a more personalized introduction to Walther Custom Homes, LLC. 

Below are a few testimonials from past and present clients the Walthers have built homes for.



We have just recently been able to move into our home, but we absolutely love it. They were able to make our vision a reality. Everyone that we worked with was so personable kind and really made sure that we had everything exactly as we wanted. Our meetings were all very thorough and all of our questions were answered. They were very honest with us along the way, good or bad, which made us valued. 10/10 would recommend Walther Custom Homes!        

Elissa K


Selected Walther Customs Homes LLC (WCH) to build our new home for many reasons and so grateful we did. The entire process went relatively smoothly from design (with customization to his available plan) to build completion. We had some unique engineering challenges on our wet lot that were overcome by working with WCH owner (Keith). He got the right engineering study completed and ensured us that our property would be built on solid ground. During the build phase (in times of COVID with wood and Building supply shortages), he was able to keep progress moving and the house was built in less than 6 months. There was no long periods of stagnation waiting for subs or materials. During the build, a few minor tweaks were allowed to help improve the flow of the home. WCH uses great subcontractors; they were all polite and excellent at their trades. Why use WCH? They take care of all aspects of the build (Land clearing, electrical, water, sewer/septic, permits, driveways, landscaping, etc) whereas many other builders don't and wont include in their pricing. WHC encourages the owners to stop by anytime and make sure you are happy; and if needed, talk to him or the site supervisor directly so they can address it with the subs. Even though there were some minor hiccups in all major projects, WCH dealt with them quickly. Would I use WCH again, ABSOLUTELY!!!

Robert M


We cannot be happier with the home Walther Custom Homes built for our family! It’s truly one of a kind in our neighborhood!!! They make the process pretty easy, especially for all our special requests!!

Alex D


I can not Express how pleased we are with our new home. Walther custom home's did a awesome job every step of the way. Keith's attention to detail was beyond reproach, his subcontractors were all top of the line and were very professional and respected my property, and would insure the area was cleaned up every day before they left.

if you want the best look no farther just give them a call, you will not be disappointed.

Walt I


Keith will go above and beyond your expectations. Any time we needed him pre built or after built they have been there for us. I cannot recommend them enough. Keith will fight to get a fair price for you, and he will also get things done right if you have something you need done AFTER the fact. I feel like Walther Homes cares about your happiness with their home. A few weeks into owning your home, you'd expect a builder to no longer "feel on the hook" for a problem you might have. Walther homes exceeds all expectations. Thanks Keith

Ronminkalaloa D


We have finally been able to settle down in our new home so I wanted to take the time to tell everyone about our experience of building a custom home. We spent about two years planning and searching for a builder. That was the most frustrating about the process. It wasn’t until we found Walther Custom Homes did we feel at ease. The very first day I contacted Walther Homes, Mr. Walther called me back and said come by his office and we can go over what we want. That evening we spent more than 4 hours covering every detail of our build. Keith, Teresa, and Stacy were there to answer and address all of our questions. When we were done, I already knew this was going to happen. Any time you build a custom home there is anxiety with color choices and fixtures, but I had no concerns with the cost or what we wanted, because it was all addressed up front, and I knew that everything had been accounted for. During the process I was able to meet many if not all of their subcontractors and each of them had our best interest in mind. Mr. Walther made himself available throughout the bid and he lives up to his word. I do not know if I have met a more honest and honorable person. If I had any questions about changes and or choices, Stacey and Teresa were always available as well. To be clear, we spent many hours with other builders, reviewing and pricing our project. We were never sure until finding Walther Custom Homes. If you are thinking about building a custom home, than look no further. You cannot go wrong here. Thank you Keith, Teresa and Stacy, as business owners in this town, it would do us proud to model your way of doing business. We love our home. I kept this review as short as possible, but there is just too much positive to mention I could go on for a while. “Choose Walther Custom Homes”!

Roy M


We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with the Walthers to bring the vision of our home to life. They really spent time making sure they knew exactly what we wanted and made the whole process as stress free as it could be. I can honestly say that our home looks exactly like I pictured it. Our 3 year old son told us the day we moved in, "the builders built me a beautiful house." We 100% agree!

Amanda K


We had talked to several builders before choosing Walther Custom Homes. Our experience with Keith & Teresa has been outstanding. We highly recommend anyone in the market for a new home to talk with them first. They are extremely fair with their pricing, even when you make changes after the building begins. Couldn't be more happy. (5 stars)

Kristine F.


Dear Keith and Teresa:

Steve and I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed working with you on our new house on Summerset Drive in Gulf Shores.  We very much appreciate all your hard work and consistently excellent customer service.  It has been a pleasure to work with you!

Building a new home is never easy and you made it pretty simple.  We really liked having most, if not all of the details nailed down prior to starting.  That made our lives much simpler.  Of course, making those first choices is always nerve racking, but once we had them made, then we could sit back and watch the progress.

And progress it did!  We think you had someone working on our home every day.  Your skills at juggling all the contractors are truly exceptional.  Because of your expeditious work, and because we wanted a record of the event, it was necessary that we come by to take photos almost every single day, lest we miss any step in the rapid progress. It was awesome to see the work being done.

Your secondary contractors have all been terrific to us.  The painters, heat and air guys, and especially the fence and irrigation folks have taken all our calls and answered our questions and made any changes or replacements in a quick and professional manner.  Several of them made multiple trips to the house to explain our systems; that has been a great help as things as so much different here than in Alaska.

Thank you, Kim and Steve G.


"Keith Walther is an outstanding person, he’s very honest and is sure to follow up with you when you’ve asked him for something.  He built us a quality home that provided us with more workmanship and value than homes that were equal in price.  I’ve been happy to use my home as Keith’s showcase because I am proud to be the owner of a Walther Custom Home."

Dennis H.


“We love our home and have not had any issues with the building quality or finishes.  It was a great transition through the moving and closing process.”'


Walther Custom Homes is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.

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